Marijuana Effects on the reproductive system

Studies have shown both men and women to have a temporary loss of fertility. Some research indicates that the use of marijuana during pregnancy may result in low birth weight and premature babies.

During adolescence, our young people are experiencing rapid physical and sexual development, making it even more harmful during this time in their lives.


Bongs are the devices by which one can enjoy smoking marijuana. Wide varieties of bongs are available in the market with varying material, shapes, size and technique both at stores and online shop.

If you want to buy bongs, then go for online shopping as you can find wide options to select from at one go and is also very convenient as will be delivered at your doorstep.

Parts of bongs

This are the basic part: Downstream, Bowl , Tube , Mouthpiece ,and Base but some designs has extra parts for more clear and soothing smoke like percolators, ice chamber, diffusers, ash catcher, etc.

Thus different bongs have different attachment to the usual design and also comprise of different shape and size.

Made of bongs

Bongs of different materials like glass, acrylic or ceramic are available in the market. But you can go for glass or acrylic bongs. Both has advantages and disadvantages. Glass bongs can last longer, but there is always risk of cracking or breaking.

While acrylic bongs cannot be used for long time, but reduces worry of breaking. Also glass bongs are more expensive than acrylic or other kind of bongs. Thus from all types, you can go for acrylic bongs.

Types of bongs

there are wide array of acrylic bongs like ice bongs, multi-chamber bongs, bubble bong, grip bong, bling bong, gravity bong and many more. Each category of bongs is having different characteristics, shape and colors.

Multi-chamber bongs are very popular as it consist of two bubble bowls, which increases the distance that smoke has to travel before entering to lungs, thus it provides smooth and cool smoke to inhale. In alternative to this, one can also for acrylic ice bongs in which ice can be added to the bong.

It also has separate collection chamber, where extra toxins are removed from smoke, thus provides chill and more clean and toxin free smoke to inhaler.

Another type is Gravity bong, which are most portable and water on the basis of gravity, automatically moves from upper chamber to lower and thus leads to formation of large amount of smoke. Thus, there are many other types of acrylic bongs available each of different prices.

Depending on your requirement and budget, you can select any bong to enjoy smoking. All parts of bongs are easily removed and can be replaced too from any online sites or physical store.