Types of marijuana pipes

Metal marijuana pipes

Metal smoking pipes are favored by a majority of marijuana smokers and they have both disadvantages and advantages. A person’s preference for the type of smoking pipe is determined by his personality, background, style, and budget similar to stash boxes.

Advantages of metal smoking pipes

Metal pipes are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other alloys. They are much more pocketbook friendly than any other type of pipe, and they are very durable as well.

More value for money – If you don’t want to invest a huge amount of money to buy a smoking pipe, metal pipes are the best. Metal smoking pipes offer an economical option of smoking and offer great value for money. As metal pipes are available with caps, they help in saving on fuel when not in use.

Since metal pipes are not single molded pieces (like the glass pipes), you can easily find replacements in case some parts happen to be defective. In this way also, metal pipes are cost-effective. If you want to be sensible in your purchase in these tough economic times go ahead and buy a metal smoking pipe.

Easy to clean and maintain – Different parts of metal smoking pipes can be taken apart, making the cleaning process easy. With a twist or turn of the bowl you can effortlessly dismantle the pipe and clean them of any residues properly. You just need to carefully take apart the pieces and soak them in water overnight.

Types of glass marijuana pipes

One of the most popular types of glass pipe is the inside out pipe. Inside out pipes are made by a method in which the decorative colors on the glass are put on the inside of the pipe.

This causes a three dimensional pattern to appear when looked at from the outside. This requires considerably more skill and patience on the part of the glass blower, but the beautiful patterns magnified through the thick outside layer are well worth it.

Pyrex glass marijuana pipes

These are made with a special type of glass that is mixed to be stronger than average glass. The benefits of having a glass pipe made of Pyrex should be immediately evident to anyone who has ever dropped their pipe.

Pyrex is virtually unbreakable, and is also much lighter that ordinary glass, making it an excellent medium to make larger pieces with. Pyrex glass is the glass that is used for glass cooking and baking pans because of its extreme durability.

Glass bats marijuana pipes

These are great for caring around because they are stylish and compact. Glass bats are a straight pipe without a bend. Glass bats have the advantages of glass Pipes, such as flavor and its ability to not become hot, yet they can be carried easily.

They are crafted using Pyrex glass and they can be single blown or Inside out glass. Despite the straightness of the bowl and the fact that the tobacco is vertical when the pipe is brought to the mouth, the tobacco does not fall out if it is packed tightly.